If You Are Uncomfortable, Please Leave the Room

It’s a new year, and I’m back to blogging! It turns out there is no senior slide if you’re an engineering student. Just a senior surge. At my school, all engineers participate in Senior Design, a capstone class where a local engineering company essentially outsources a project to a team of students and we have a year to complete it. It’s very similar to participating in an internship or co-op, and it’s a wonderful job preparation opportunity. It has been an incredible amount of work, but it’s fun to see how much we have learned since the beginning of the year.

I really like the company that my team is working for, but I actually have not been looking for engineering jobs. I just was accepted to a top 20 law school and am hoping to become a patent attorney. I will write more about this process in my next blog post, published tomorrow!

Anyway, next week we start spring semester and I just had a meeting with one of my professors for next semester. I’ve met this professor in the past, and he is one of the typical socially inept engineers. He will be doing the lecture for one of my engineering classes. Long story short, he wanted to talk to me to try to get me to switch into a different lab. Apparently, the lab I signed up for has a new instructor, and according to my lecture professor, “Since the lab instructor is new, he will probably not be comfortable with you.”

What makes it even worse/funnier is the fact that he wants me to switch into a lab with the professor I reference in this blog post-At Last, Not Alone

Like I need another semester with a discriminating professor.

Sometimes, because other people do not see me as one, I even forget that I am an actual human. But then I remembered that it’s not my fault if people are uncomfortable around me. To be uncomfortable with someone is a form of discrimination. I understand that people may not have had experience with people with disabilities, but this does not mean that they can dehumanize us. I was reminded of Ben Ptak’s NFL original oration “If It Bothers You, Please Leave the Room.” I saw this speech on videotape and was inspired to join original oratory in high school as a result. The transcript is linked above.

I told my professor that I would not switch labs. I explained to him that I have new professors every semester and they are fine with having me in their class. I’m sure that the lab instructor hadn’t actually expressed any concerns about me being in his lab-it was just the lecture professor projecting his distorted views onto someone else.

Until tomorrow-

About trulyable

female physical disability undergraduate engineering student most importantly- able!
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