Minority/Majority and Media

I’ve been reading a lot of disability blogs out there, and I am always so happy to find new ones. Since now I’m too old to attend muscular dystrophy camp, I feel as if I lack any ties at all to the disability community. I have a hard time saying this, but I’m not necessarily a fan of promoting membership in groups that focus solely on the minority. I mean, shouldn’t we strive for more equality than looking at our differences? This question has always bugged me. However, one day my friend asked me if I would rather attend a camp that allowed full access for all campers but was not exclusive to kids with muscular dystrophy or if I liked the exclusivity of a muscular dystrophy camp. I have to say that muscular dystrophy camp was the best week of my life and was so special. Sure, I love being included with all sorts of different people, but there is something that I needed from muscular dystrophy camp. It was really important for me to be surrounded by other people that looked like me and experienced the same things as me. For once in my life, I was part of a majority instead of being “the girl in the wheelchair.” There was understanding everywhere. So, reading all these blogs been pretty emotional, but familiar.

But, to my point, today I want to talk about the media’s fascination with brides with disabilities getting married. All my feelings are pretty much summed up in this article from New Mobility, but it just baffles me that people can say- “Wow, she’s in a wheelchair and someone still wants to marry her.”  Do we still have coverage on interracial marriages? I don’t think so. It’s nice to see people in wheelchairs getting married because sometimes I feel like it will never happen, but it’s also sad because apparently it’s such a big news story. I’m pretty sure I’ll do one of those obligatory dating and disabled posts soon, because in all honesty it really is more difficult.

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female physical disability undergraduate engineering student most importantly- able!
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