Frantic Finals

Finals are over, and now everyone is just waiting to receive those final grades!

So, I thought it would be appropriate to talk about how to survive finals-because with or without disabilities, they are tricky to navigate.

First of all, if you do receive testing accommodations, then make sure you schedule your tests far in advance (or whatever your school requires you to do) since many people will have finals at the same time.

Finals tips-

  • Study early and often. Don’t wait until the weekend before finals start studying. You will be most effective if you review your material throughout the semester. It doesn’t have to take too much time either, just staying refreshed helps. For example, after you take your second test in a class, and there is a lull, see if you still know how to do everything from your first test, hopefully without notes.
  • But of course, I’ll be honest and admit that sometimes I don’t do that. So, you have to make the best use of the weekend before finals. Schedule specific times you will study for each class. Honestly, if you just plan on studying all day with no direction, you will get less done. Some make that check list and start crossing things off!
  • For each class, write down the list of topics you have covered, and cross off or quickly review the topics you feel fine about. This list can be from the syllabus or old tests. Then, redo the homework from the topics you struggle with. Finally, once you have studied by yourself, get together with other students from your class and work on problems together.

These are just some quick tips that I think are important, and of course everyone has different learning styles so we all study differently, but there’s plenty more information online, so just google how to study for finals.

Good luck with your next set of finals, whenever they may be.


About trulyable

female physical disability undergraduate engineering student most importantly- able!
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