Welcome to Campus – The Tour

It’s summer here at college and you definitely can tell because of all the tour groups!  So today I’ll be writing about another important addition in your journey to college, campus tours.

Campus tours are so important for everyone when looking at colleges.  They are the only way that you can get a real feel from the college, which can be much different from their website or brochures.  I toured all of my prospective colleges twice, once in the summer, and once in the fall, but I will do a case study tomorrow!  You can arrange a tour and arrange meetings with people through the admissions department.

For now, here’s a list of things to do and look for on your tour:

  • Meet with someone from the school’s disability service office.  Ask them about what accommodations they offer and what documentation you need to provide.  Ask them about accessibility issues on campus.
  • Receive an all campus tour from a tour guide.  Look for accessibility issues.  Do all of the doors have buttons to open them?  Which buildings have stairs?  Are there any any buildings that are not accessible?  Where the elevators located?  Are there accessible campus shuttles?  Are there any people with disabilities on campus?  What is the setup of the cafeteria?  Will you need help with getting your food? 
  • View an accessible dorm room.  What furniture can be taken out of the room or exchanged?  What adaptions will you need to make?  Is the bathroom and shower accessible?  Is the door wide enough?  If the desk at a good height?
  • Attend a class!  Note things such as class size, the professor’s teaching style, and classroom participation.  For your accommodations look at factors such as desks versus tables, adjustable table heights, classroom doors, and any classroom technology there may be.
  • As long as you’re on campus, it’s really beneficial to meet with people from the school’s financial aid office, your prospective department, and of course the admissions office.

Overall, pay attention to how you feel!  Does the admissions department treat you respectfully?  Do the students look happy?  How is the climate?  Most importantly, could you picture yourself going to college there?

For your enjoyment, here’s a magazine article about some of the top disability friendly colleges in the nation



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