Case Study 1

My Experience with Disabilities Services

Sorry for the delay, apparently summer classes are very busy!

Before I chose a college, I met with staff from each disability services program.  One of the main reasons I chose the college I’m at was because of the friendly and caring demeanor of the disability services director.  Since my physical disability is obvious, the director of the program I chose did not require detailed documentation.  All I had to submit to my current school was my 504 plan and ACT testing accommodation information for her to make her assessment.  The other school would have required a myriad of forms and letters from doctors.

            So I chose school B over school A and have been very happy about it.  Every semester I meet with disability services to go over my classes and decide which accommodations I need.  Disability services sends an e-mail to all my professors detailing my accommodations and explanations. In some of my classes I have used height adjustable tables, but my wheelchair fits fine under most tables.  In some of my classes I have arranged for a notetaker to take notes for me, and then I would pick them up at disability services.  I schedule my test about a week ahead of time so I can take them in the disability services office because one of my accommodations is extended time on tests.  I also have to schedule essay tests on the computer so I can use my voice-recognition software program, Dragon NaturallySpeaking.

            I also have room accommodations arranged by on-campus housing and disability services.  I live in a dorm room that complies with the ADA.  It has an accessible bathroom and shower, wider door, the door actually has an opener that I control with a remote.  If you want to know more about my accommodations, please e-mail me or leave a comment.

I don’t have a specific link for you today, but please share this blog with others think it would be helpful or interesting to them.  If you want to see any specific topics also, let me know.  Otherwise I will keep plodding along the maze of attending college with a disability.


About trulyable

female physical disability undergraduate engineering student most importantly- able!
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