ABCs of Academics

This is the main reason you’re going to college, right?  To further your education, develop critical thinking skills, and hopefully get a job that’s financially and emotionally satisfying.  If you are in high school you might not know your major yet, and that’s okay.  Most colleges don’t make you declare your major until the end of your sophomore year.  Of course if you do know your major, the goal is attending college that has a strong program of your interest.

Even students without disabilities should follow these steps and research colleges programs carefully.  I recommend talking to a professor in your intended program while touring colleges.  It’s also really helpful to attend a class to get a firsthand perspective on the teachers’ attitudes, typical students, and class size.

From the disability perspective, every college has a disability services which is an invaluable resource.  Disability service programs on campus serve with disabilities and help provide them accommodations in their classes and other aspects of collegiate life.  To become registered with disabilities services, students usually need to provide appropriate documentation from their high school, doctors, or psychiatrists.  Some services they may provide are notetakers, books on tape, alternate exam arrangements, readers and scribes for exams, course modifications, interpreters, assistive listening devices, priority registration, and braille texts.  They also usually have assistive technology programs that students can use.  This is actually a great question to ask when you visit the disability services office.  Do the programs they have suit your needs, and are they newer versions?

For tomorrow-my personal experience with my college’s disability services.  This program is so important it takes more than one day to examine.

Until tomorrow, I’ll leave you with this link.

Zach Anner is a 25-year-old man with cerebral palsy and is hoping to get a show on Oprah’s new network.  Check out his video which is hilarious and vote for him!


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